Destin, Florida – “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”

Destin, Florida is known for its white beaches and emerald green waters and it known in some circles as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”.  Located Florida’s Emerald Coast in Okaloosa County, Destin is a popular tourist destination.  In fact, over 80 percent of the Emerald Coast’s 4.5 million visitors each year visit Destin.

How are the Appalachian Mountains related to Destin?  The sand of Destin’s white beaches actually comes directly from the Appalachians as residue flows down from the Apalachicola River and gets deposited into the Gulf of Mexico.  Currents take these sand drifts west along the Gulf Coast.  This sand is finely ground quartz crystal which gives it the appearance of sugar which is where the term “sugar sand beaches” comes from.

Destin’s history actually dates back to American Indian inhabitants as early as the seventh century.  However, Connecticut fishing master Captain Leonard Destin settled the area in the mid-1800s.  Destin pioneered the fishing industry and Destin has maintained this heritage to the present.  The city still claims to have the largest fishing vessel fleet in Florida.  While the first condos were built in Destin in the 1970s, Destin wasn’t incorporated as a municipality until 1984 and has since experienced tremendous growth.

Today, Destin is a major tourist attraction while still being home to around 12,000 year-round residents.  The population swells to nearly 40,000 during tourist season.  Destin is littered with many high-rise condos as well as numerous hotels and motels as you’d expect in a tourist town.

There is much to do in Destin which is why it’s such a popular tourist destination:

  • Golf Courses – Destin is home to some world-renowned courses as well as full golf and beach resorts
  • Shopping – From boutiques to outlet stores, shopping malls to beachside gift shop, Destin has many options
  • Spas – Destin has a nice variety of spas – many on the beach!
  • Restaurants – Destin restaurants offer something for everyone including beachfront dining
  • Camping – Spend your vacation in a tent or camper in one of Destin’s state parks or camping/RV parks
  • Beach – Who could forget the beach and water sports in Destin?!?

Destin is also home to several events that take place throughout the year including the Destin Seafood Festival and the Destin Fishing Rodeo that both take place in October.  Both of these events now take place at the City of Destin’s Harbor Boardwalk which was recently completed in June 2012 and stretches nearly a quarter-mile along beautiful Destin Harbor.

Destin has so much to offer both residents and tourists alike.  If you’re interested in learning about real estate in Destin whether you’re buying or just renting, please click here to contact us anytime.
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